How to Train Like An Olympic Skier, Lindsey Vonn ( And her sister, Laura Kildow)!

Expectation vs. Reality….just wait for it ūü§£ #lovemysis

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Olympic Skier, Lindsey Vonn, has a fun workout with her dear sister, Laura Kildow.

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The INDO BOARD Monthly Newsletter, April 2018

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In this issue: Brand Ambassador Suzie Cooney, SURF HAPPENS Surf Shop, The INDO BOARD Yin Yang, SUP athletes Koen Dehaeck and Steve Milsch, Brand Ambassador Georgina Shaffer, Team Riders Trinity Lewis and Jim Barrett, and INDO BOARD Enthusiast Lindsey Vonn.

Come see why we think INDO BOARD team rider and Brand Ambassador, Suzie Cooney, is the definition of a strong, intelligent, and beautiful woman!

Read Suzie’s Story Here.


INDO BOARD Man, Hunter Joslin, stopped by good friends, Chris¬†and Jenny Keet’s newly opened Surf Happens¬†Surf Shop located in Carpinteria, California! They run the largest and most successful surf school in the Santa Barbara area and is the first surf school that INDO BOARD sponsored, and the collaboration continues after 20 years.¬†Drop in and check out their spring camps, private and group lessons and learn to surf today.


The INDO BOARD Yin Yang design by artist, Drew Brophy, was specifically created for Indo Board. The original painting hangs in the home of INDO BOARD founder, Hunter Joslin.

All INDO BOARD Yin Yang combinations are on sale this month at a special 10% OFF.

Challenge, INDO BOARD athletes! Squat with a weighted ball held in front of you. Keep your INDO BOARD as level as possible at all times. Do your best to keep your upper body from not breaking forward at the waist. Come back up and pass the ball to your partner. SUP athletes Koen Dehaeck and Steve Milsch show us how! See their video here.


When you can’t practice SUP yoga because of inclement weather or because of time restraints, practice SUP Yoga indoors on the¬†Indo Yoga Board¬†with Brand Ambassador, Georgina Shaffer at Azul SUP Yoga.¬†Hope to see you there!

DATES: March 16th – April 13th. No class April 6.

April 20th – May 18th.


This will make you smile! In this video, team rider Trinity Lewis shows us how to run up a tree, backflip, and land on your INDO BOARD PRO. 

For more fun and instructional video tutorials, follow Trinity at his Youtube Channel.


In this video, Jim Barret, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, Chicago Open Champion, 2nd place Pan Am Championships, 2016 Master World Champion, and Indo Board team rider, shows us advanced INDO BOARD Tricks! Learn Jiu Jitsu with Jim at the Comprido Brazilian Jiu JitsuAcademy.


And lastly, in this video, see how Olympian skier and INDO BOARD enthusiast, Lindsey Vonn, who began using INDO BOARD early in her career at the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, still has fun working out on her Indo Board.

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Happy and Healthy April to you!

Georgette Akai Austria is the Director of Social Media and Sponsorship and the writer for the INDO BOARD Monthly Newsletter. She hates talking about herself in 3rd person, and what she really likes to do is just go surf. Most of all, she asks that you sign up, and she thanks you for signing up for the monthly newsletter! Find Georgette on her Facebook page here.

Indo Board Man and the Quest for a Better Hip Part 2

It’s the morning of the Operation. Indo Board Man is getting his left hip replaced. He headed to Orlando at the crack of dawn to begin the wait to be wheeled into surgery. Indo Board Man is in good spirits as he waits to get wheeled back into the operating room. He is showing off his humor in the photo below.


Then the doctor comes in and marks his hip.

Three hours after arriving, they wheel him back. More when he is out of surgery!


Indo Board Man and the quest for a better hip.

It’s been a long time coming. Tomorrow is the day of the hip replacement. Here is the Indo Board Man showing off his moves and talking about why its finally time to get his left hip replaced.

Tomorrow this will be what’s inside Indo Board Man’s leg.

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Please send positive vibes all goes smoothly and Indo Board Man gets back to the activities he loves quickly.

Remember Balance is Everything!


Throwback to Indo Board Man’s hip resurfacing part 4

We are one day away from the hip replacement of Indo Board Man. He is prepping by going to a concert tonight. Tomorrow we will drive to Orlando and the journey will begin.

Today we will go over the end of the hip resurfacing journey. Four weeks after the surgery, Indo Board Man heads back to work.

7 weeks later he is back in the water!

And the post op appointment 3 months after

Tomorrow the whole process starts again. The hope is a quicker recovery thanks to the new techniques used. Follow the journey on the blog!

Remember Balance is Everything!


Throwback to Indo Board Man’s Hip Resurfacing part 3- the rehab

We are two days away from Indo Board Man’s hip replacement. He is preparing by watching you tube videos of the surgery. We should know today or tomorrow what time the surgery will be. In preparation for the surgery, we are taking a look back at the video blog of Indo Board Man’s hip resurfacing 8 years ago.

We left off last week with Indo Board Man getting a ride home via ambulance. Today we will look at the first few days home and the post op appointment.

Tomorrow we will see the last parts of the blog before we start the Hip replacement videos.

Remember Balance is Everything!


Throwback to Indo Board Man’s Hip Resurfacing Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the lead up and operation day of Indo Board Man’s right hip resurfacing surgery back in 2010. He is preparing to get a total hip replacement of his left hip in 6 days. His action sport life style caught up with him back in 2010 with the need to take care of the right hip. He knew he would have to take care of the left hip one day and was able to prolong the need for a replacement by 8 years using PT and his exercise regimen to keep his left hip in shape.

Today we are reviewing the 2010 hospital stay and therapy done there after his resurfacing. The first video was shot once he was back in his room after surgery.

Chapter 5 focuses on the second therapy session at the hospital.

Chapter 6 shows Indo Board Man ready to get out of the hospital and to take his recovery back to the comfort of his home.

On Monday, we will look back at the first few days of recovery at home.


Remember Balance is Everything!


Throwback Thursday! Indo Board Man gets his hip resurfaced.

Eight years ago, Indo Board Man had his right hip resurfaced after a lifetime of use skateboarding, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding, wake surfing, snow skiing and snowboarding. He documented the whole process. In a week, he will be getting his left hip totally replaced. So to prepare for the new surgery, lets look back and check out the first few videos of his Hip resurfacing blog. You can find the full playlist here.

In the first video Indo Board Man details his need to get his hip resurfaced. That was a logical choice 8 years ago but this time around, resurfacing the left hip is not an option. The next video records his 2010 pre op appointment.

And finally its the day of the operation. It was a longer than expected procedure due to extremely dense bones. The Dr. had to change tools because his bones were so hard. Maybe that explains why his mom always told him he was hard headed! Hahaha!

Over the next week, we will look back on the recovery and therapies to get him rehabilitated in 2010. It will be interesting to see how the recovery this time around compares to 2010. We will chronicle his recovery as well.


Remember Balance is Everything!


Work Out Wednesday! Indo Riders show us how it’s done!

Our Indo Board Riders are passionate and love to share video of the exercises they do on the Indo Board! Today let’s check out a few of their routines!

Melissa Austin shows off her Indo Board push ups and TRX Mountain climber exercise. Her feet are suspended and she is balancing solely on the Indo Board!


Pro Surfer and Pro Wakeboarder Nikolas Plytas multi-tasks using free weights and then doing a shuvit on his Indo Mini Kicktail.


Carolein with Dushi Yoga leads a class at the Manchebo Beach Resort in Aruba using the Indo Yoga Board.


Robbie Maddison with the W Training Facility in Temecula, California is whipping the battle ropes on his Indo Board. This is a very focused core exercise with lots of cardio!

How do you incorporate the Indo Board into your workout routine? Please share it with us! Check us out and tag us on Instagram @ind0_board and on facebook!


Remember Balance is Everything!


Talent Tuesday! Check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee!

On this Tuesday, we invite you to check out Indo Board Rider Ahlee Dee! She has some serious skills! Ahlee Dee travels all over the US participating in music and arts festivals with her crowd pleasing Indo Board and Hula Hoop skills! We are so very stoked to have her as an Indo Board Ambassador!

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She uploaded a couple videos showing off what she can do while riding her Indo Board at the Disc Jam Music Festival. Check them out below!

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Wasn’t it awesome how she flipped the board onto the roller! The next two videos are of her performing at the¬†Okeechobee Music and Arts Fest.

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She never ceases to amaze people with her Indo Board and her hoops!
Do you have an amazing Indo Board talent? We would love to see it! You can send us videos and photos through Instagram by tagging us using @indo_board or message us through our facebook page! Also don’t forget to check out our You Tube Channel!
Remember Life is About Balance!