Workout Wednesday Indo Board Plank

Indo Board Plank

Ready to try a plank on the Indo Board Balance Trainer?
The plank is one of the best all around exercises to work out your core. In holding the plank, you engage many different muscle groups including your obliques, upper and lower abs, delts, quads and even your glutes! But just doing a plank once you have mastered it can be quite boring. By adding the Indo Board on top of the IndoFLO cushion, makes the plank challenging to both mind and body. This mental and physical challenge make the exercise more interesting and actually fun thereby increasing the desire to do the exercise!
You can check out our You Tube channel for videos showcasing how to do a Plank on the Indo Board. These videos are segmented showing planks from the beginner to advanced levels. Below is the beginners workout showing how to tilt plank on the Indo Board.

Need something a little more challenging?

There are several different types of planks these segments covered in the videos. Below is a level 5 advanced video demonstrating a forearm plank variation.

No matter your level, there is a video tutorial for you. Try it out and when you feel you have mastered one step, challenge yourself with the next video in the series!
I hope you have discovered a new way to use your Indo Board and add to your fitness routine!
Remember Life is About Balance!

Wakeboard Dock Workout with INDO BOARD

Indo Board - Life is About Balance

Wake Board Workout

Our friends over at O’Brian Water Sports just posted a video showing Tarah Mikacich demonstrating a workout she uses to train for Wakeboarding. You will see she uses the Indo Board Original to help her stay in top wakeboarding shape!

Don’t you love the scenery? You can take your Indo Board anywhere to train! We even carry a bag to pack up your Indo Board and take it with you! With the carry bag, where you train can be anywhere!

Wherever you use your Indo Board, next to a dock, at the beach, in your house or hotel room,

Remember Life is About Balance!


Indo Board and FIT FOR YOU Class

Indo Board President, Hunter Joslin, traveled to FIT FOR YOU located in Travis City, Michigan, to conduct Indo Board Training seminars. Take a look at these fun video tutorials.
The Indo Board and FIT FOR YOU Class
Hunter’s Flip Up  
Free Style with Hunter 
The Hardest and the Most Fun Plank You’ll Ever Do 

Thank you, FIT FOR YOU, for your outstanding support!
1226 S Garfield Ave
Traverse City, Michigan
Call (231) 922-7285

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The Indo Board Newsletter, August 2017

What do you think of our new Snowflake graphic?! See what other people have said, and rate it¬†here!¬†The Indo Board Snowflake design was inspired by¬†Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water crystal photo titled, Thank You.
Get a very special 10% OFF the Indo Board Snowflake this month only!
Introducing the New Indo Rocker Board – Natural!¬†When the Indo Rocker Board is used with the Roller, this board likes to spin! When the Indo Rocker Board is used with the IndoFLO¬ģ Cushion, it is a serious workout apparatus because it never stops moving. And unlike the Roller, the IndoFLO¬ģ Cushion cannot get away from you. When you have all three, it is a great portable gym!





Indo Board Man, Hunter Joslin, will be at the Fit for you Health Club in Traverse City, Michigan, to conduct Indo Board training seminars! DATES: Aug 17 & 18. For more information, call (231) 922-7285.


Join yoga teacher, school teacher, surfer, team rider and brand ambassador,¬†Lauren Peterson,¬†for the August 2017 NamasteSUP Challenge!¬†There are many prizes to be won. Don’t miss out! Click¬†here¬†for details.

Wake up, Indo Board Family! It’s Time To¬†Double Your Fun Factor on your Indo Boards!¬†Don’t let your boards touch the ground! That’s where the alligators and snakes live! Do it or die! Personal Trainer,¬†Bryan Twardus¬†at¬†Auburn Fit¬†shows us how in this¬†video.
If you can, join Bryan and Jacquelyn Twardus for Indo Board classes every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM at Auburn Fit.  Address: 140 Cleveland Ave. Auburn, CA 95603. Email: or call 530-368-0172.
You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. What will you do to reach your goals this week? Fitness Professional Massy Arias inspires us to reach new heights. See her video here.
Challenge! Stand on your Indo Board with your arms over your head. Turn to your side. Lunge down to your knee. Come back up to center. Turn to your other side. Lunge down to your knee. Come back up to center. This exercise can also be done on the IndoFLO¬ģ Cushion. Team Rider and Waterski Jump World Champion,¬†Ryan Dodd,¬†shows us how. And‚Ķ
Congratulations to¬†Ryan Dodd!¬†It’s official! 254‚ĚóÔłŹ77.4m New World Jump Record behind the legendary Nautique 200! Photo credit of the bottom right image goes to¬†Julie Parker Photography.¬†
Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider,¬†Jill Kintner,¬†for winning 1st in Slalom, and for winning 1st in Downhill at the¬†USA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.¬†These two events mark Jill’s 18th and 19th National Championship wins! Find¬†Jill Kintner¬†on Instagram¬†here.
Congratulations to Indo Board Team Rider, Courtney Conlogue, for winning the SUPERGIRL PRO!
Strong is beautiful! Challenge yourself to see how long you can hang 10 and hang 5 way over. In this video, Captaime Yoga Bordeaux shows us how.
This will make you smile. Click¬†here¬†to see Julia Conley’s¬†video.
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The Best Foot Placement While Training on your Original Indo Board Barefoot design – Balance Board

Introducing the Indo Board Barefoot design by Indo Board Master Trainer, Nicola Cerciello! In this tutorial, Nicola explains the best foot placement positions for training on the Indo Board Barefoot design. For more information, questions, or tips,  contact Nicola at Follow him to the next step!
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How To Pop Up On Your Original Indo Board with World Champion Waterski Jumper Ryan Dodd

How To Pop Up on the Original Indo Board using the IndFLO Cushion with World Champ Waterski Jumper, Ryan Dodd!
It’s Indo Board Challenge Time! From a kneeling position, pop up to your feet on your Original Indo Board with IndoFLO Cushion¬ģÔłŹ like Indo Board Team Rider and World Champion Water Ski Jumper, Ryan Dodd! How many will you do? Tell a friend. Make yourself accountable! ūüôā Georgette

Want more? Find Ryan Dodd at

Professional Athlete at SeaDek Marine Nonskid
Professional Athlete at Nautique Boat Company, Inc.

Professional Athlete at WSWC
Studied Marketing and Management at ULM Business
Married to Breanne Dodd

Your Pushups Just Got Wobbly

Indo Board is very happy to partner with to create the best balance, core, and strength workouts on the market. You now have hours of Indo Board workouts with every exercise tailored to your abilities so you can get fit fast and have fun while doing it. Get entire Indo Board workout programs designed specifically for your goals within seconds of downloading the Your Trainer App. Just visit to register and get started training!
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