Work Out Wednesday Inspiration!

It’s workout Wednesday! Our Indo fans over on Instagram post videos of their awesome workouts using the Indo Board. I have pulled a few to give you a couple new ideas how the Indo Board can help you in your exercise routine.


Roberto Manfredi shows us how he and his gym partner pass a ball to each other without the board touching the ground.

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Sammy uses the Indo Board to work on his hand eye coordination which helped him when he pitched in college. 10 years later, he still uses the Indo Board in his exercise routine.


Holly Hox sent us in a picture of her doing a squat and holding it for as long as she could on the Indo Board


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Summer Foster takes it to another level. She is holding a weighted ball while doing squats to add even more difficulty to her work out.


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Finally Bryan Twardus shows us how much of a badass he is on his Indo Board. He’s lifting 101lbs!


We love to see what our amazing fans can do! Share your Indo Board Pictures and Videos on Instagram @ind0_board and #indoboard!

Remember Balance is Everything!