Throwback to Indo Board Man’s Hip Resurfacing Part 2

Yesterday we looked at the lead up and operation day of Indo Board Man’s right hip resurfacing surgery back in 2010. He is preparing to get a total hip replacement of his left hip in 6 days. His action sport life style caught up with him back in 2010 with the need to take care of the right hip. He knew he would have to take care of the left hip one day and was able to prolong the need for a replacement by 8 years using PT and his exercise regimen to keep his left hip in shape.

Today we are reviewing the 2010 hospital stay and therapy done there after his resurfacing. The first video was shot once he was back in his room after surgery.

Chapter 5 focuses on the second therapy session at the hospital.

Chapter 6 shows Indo Board Man ready to get out of the hospital and to take his recovery back to the comfort of his home.

On Monday, we will look back at the first few days of recovery at home.


Remember Balance is Everything!


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